About us

Our History

Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho inherits the pedigreed Kanazawa Chaho name, dating to seventy years ago, and plies the tea trade here in historic Kanazawa.
We carry on the tea traditions of the Maeda clan of the old Kaga Domain, which was responsible for bringing Kaga-bocha to a wider audience, and promoting matcha tea, sencha green tea, gyokuro, and other traditiontal tea varieties from Uji, Kyoto to Kanazawa and beyond.

In 2015, the Emperor and Empress of Japan visited our tea plantation for a tree-planting ceremony. We presented them with a sample of our Aioi tea out of the wish that they live long and healthy lives.

Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho will continue sparing no efforts to protect Japan’s traditional culture and pass it on to the next generation and a wider audience.

Passion for tea

Tea as an everyday part of life

Tea is synonymous with spending pleasant time with others and relaxing. For those reasons, it has long been cherished and become an abiding part of Japanese culture.
Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho carries a wide selection of carefully curated matcha tea, sencha tea, and gyokuro, as well as Kanazawa’s own unique Kaga-bocha and Japanese-style black teas (Kaga black tea and Noto black tea), among other types.
Since our founding, we have put communication with customers first and foremost. We make time to offer samples to patrons, allowing them to purchase only after first assuring themselves of the quality, aroma, and appearance of our brewed tea. We encourage you to find the perfect tea for you.
Whether you are shopping for a gift or for tea for everyday use, we carry a variety of items meeting all needs and price ranges. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Commitment for tea

: Commitment to domestically-produced tea
All of our tea is safe, reliable tea produced in Japan. We want our tea to provide true peace of mind and health of body to our customers.

: Stable supply of tea
We maintain our organizational workflow so as to provide a stable and consistent supply of tea to our customers.

: Balance of quality and price
Just as everyone is different, so, too, do teas have their own individuality. We have worked closely with our customers to understand their needs and develop a wide selection of products.