Enjoying Kaga-bocha

Kaga-bocha, a delicious tea for everyday use

After the Maeda clan took control of the ancient Kaga Domain, it led to a flourishing of tea ceremony culture and tea production in Kanazawa.
The most common form of tea consumed here is bocha. Bocha refers to tea featuring roasted stems.

Hojicha, or roasted tea, is a popular drink nationwide. It involves roasting both the leaves and stems to blacken them, which imparts a roasted and smoky taste to the tea.

However, the Kaga-bocha offered at Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho is prepared by lightly roasting the first flush of stems using infrared roasting equipment. Doing so produces a tea which has all of the complex aroma of roasted tea, but with a more clean taste and sweet bouquet.

In the Edo period, Kaga tea developed out of the history and culture imparted by the Maeda clan, and we present it today in the form of Hyakumangoku Kaga-bocha. Hyakumangoku is another name for the old Kaga domain.

Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho’s very own Kaga-bocha

Kanbayashi Kanazawa Chaho’s Kaga-bocha is made with first-flush stems rich in aroma and flavor. By roasting the tea using infrared heaters, it is heated to its core, producing Kaga-bocha stems with a richer texture that imparts a gentle and luxurious bouquet and taste. Making the stems more uniform also allows for presenting our customers with tea that looks symmetrical and elegant when opened.
We encourage to you try our aromatic Kaga-bocha, the result of long years of effort.

Enjoying tea

Developing the habit of drinking tea imparts richness and gentle space to your usual life. You might even enjoy experiencing a tea ceremony in a dedicated tea room or tea house, or even simply taking tea in a cafe.

  • Relax the mind

    Tea contains ingredients that stabilize the mind and allow you to relax. Savoring some tea with a small sweet takes you away from the busy stress of hurried modern life and offers space to unwind. Making time to unplug and relax is sure to improve your general wellbeing.

  • Enjoy a chat

    Tea is such an ingrained part of Japanese culture that “Shall we go for a spot of tea?” is a common phrase. Tea is essential to opening up and communicating with others. A tea properly selected and prepared with care for others makes the perfect interlude for a tête-à-tête. Enjoy getting together as a family around a spot of tea.

  • Share your feelings

    Tea makes for a great and handy gift, souvenir, or item for a Buddhist service or other occasion. Whether you have a casual occasion in mind or intend to present something to a senior colleague or elder, tea is a perfect all-rounder that is welcomed by all. It also makes an appropriate offering for memorial services and other solemn occasions.

  • Tea and health

    Tea is widely recognized to be good for the body. Matcha in particular has high catechin and tannin content, which is believed to lead to healthy and long life.

Preparing a delicious cup of Kaga-bocha

Kaga-bocha is a richly aromatic tea. It is not very astringent, so it will not become bitter after steeping. This makes it the ideal tea for everyone from small children to the elderly. Enjoy a hot cup of Kaga-bocha in your favorite teacup or vessel.

(serves 2)

  • Step.1

    After preheating a teapot, add 8-10g of tea leaves.

  • Step.2

    Pour 300ml of boiling water into the teapot, replace the lid, and wait about thirty seconds.

  • Step.3

    Distribute tea evenly into each cup such that they are uniformly steeped. Ensure that you pour out every last drop from the teapot.

*This tea can also be served cold as iced tea in the summer.

Kaga-bocha(serves 1)
Amount of tea leaves
4g - 5g(2tbsp)
Water temperature
boiling water(98°C)
Water volume
Infusion time
30 seconds